The Weston Residence is nestled in a valley adjacent to the Saugatuck River.  Through the use of planted surfaces, horizontal forms, and lots of glass, this small house blurs the distinction between the architecture and its surroundings.

“The architects immersed the concrete and glass house in the landscape so that a series of green rooftop terraces gently step down from the street to the river below.”
– Architectural Record

The top of the house is the first thing visible when entering the property from the clifftop road above. The roof is composed of a series of terraces that are planted with year-round, region-specific succulents.  From this vantage point the house almost disappears into the landscape.

The interior is primarily wood and glass, and a glass-backed fireplace provides an elegant surprise when stepping into the living area. The spaces are very open, with a low, “cockpit kitchen” allowing for visual flow between all the main spaces.  The extensive use of glass allows the beautiful surrounding environment to become the main decoration for all the rooms.


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