St. Edward’s University initially planned to demolish their Recreation and Athletic Center and construct a completely new facility. We proposed a budget-conscious and environmentally sustainable strategy to repurpose and expand the existing building and turn it into a new landmark of health and wellness.

By reclaiming a parking lot, the addition connects the existing building to the main campus green. This new “active facade” of the center includes and outdoor performance space with stepped seating and a beacon-like studio on the second floor. The glass-enclosed cube creates a connection between the new facility and the heart of the campus.

“Almost jewel box-like in its conception, Specht Architects designed the space to enhance the current athletic center rather than replace it.”
– Katie Friel, Culture Map

This project employed a highly sustainable strategy to re-use as much of the existing building and source new materials both locally and sustainably. The new addition improved functionality and quality for the students while maintaining accordance with Greenguard, EnergyStar, the Forest Stewardship Council, and other relevant groups.