Nestled on a small peninsula on Turtle Creek in Dallas, this modern home draws inspiration from traditional Japanese architecture with an expressed post and beam structural frame, cantilevered upper floors, and deep roof overhangs.  These elements are not just aesthetic—the cantilevered upper floors and the broad roof both provide multiple layers of shading from the harsh Texas sun.

The house is anchored to the site with a “plinth” of cast concrete.  The visual weight of this base contrasts the lightness of the structure above and forms a series of terraces for family use.  Inside, a double-height entry and living space form the heart of the home, and a series of interior bridges connect the upper-level rooms.  The interior spaces are minimalist but clad in warm wood tones that make them comfortable and inviting.

This fusion of Japanese aesthetics and modern design creates a tranquil retreat, seamlessly connecting residents with nature while providing a sophisticated and serene living experience.